Why a hobby is good for you?

Humans are part of Nature's creation. Thus, humans have innate creativity which should be expressed in one way or another. The best way for any human to express his/her creative side is to have a hobby that suits his/her personality.

As a healthy approach to opening ourselves up to imaginative thinking, discovery and exploration, having a hobby is to spend hours a day or days a month or weeks a year in a "specialized pursuit" for pleasure. A hobby is never a waste of time because it involves you in making things of your own, gaining personal knowledge and learning new skills.

A hobby could be anything as long as it gives you pleasure in doing it. Having a hobby gives you self-esteem, satisfaction, a sense of achievement as well as a sense of personal growth. It has been proven that a hobby can improve memory and alleviate the effects of aging.

The things that a hobby could do for you:

- gives relief from over-working or stress
- gives you private time to have with yourself
- gives you independent and pleasure from within, not depending on entertainment or friends
- reveals your unique talent
- challenges you to improve yourself
- gives you a chance to meet and share with people of similar taste
- gives you an alternative career if you have mastered it

The Keirsey Temperament Theory developed by educational psychologist, David Keirsey, identifies four main personality temperaments that have their own traits, behaviors, preferences and tendencies. Knowing your type of personality can be useful for determining the kind of hobby that would appeal to you.

1. Guardians - practical, hardworking individuals who take responsibilities seriously. They are productive, making things run smoothly and doing voluntary work. They enjoy acquiring knowledge that can be put into practical use. Suggested hobbies: carpentry, photography, model building.

2. Artisans - fun-loving and creative individuals with a natural inclination for the arts. These people are usually identified as the ones with natural "talent". Suggested hobbies: drawing, painting, sculpting, fashion design, cooking, horticulture, music or theatre performance.

3. Idealists - deep thinkers who seek self-improvement as well as improvement for the world at large. Some idealists may be visionaries and healers and they are drawn to the "unknown". Suggested hobbies: reading on psychology, mystery or social justice; writing, designing, art, music, dance.

4. Rationals - logical problem-solvers who enjoy gaining theoretical and practical knowledge. They incline to be inventors who show an appreciation for technology and mental exercise. Suggested hobbies: computer programming, car mechanics, electronics.

Here's a list of well-known hobbies:

1. fishing
2. sewing
3. handicrafts
4. playing music
5. bird watching
6. restoring cars, fixing things
7. carpentry
8. reading, writing
9. collecting
10. model building
11. painting, drawing, designing
12. photography
13. gardening
14. cooking, baking

Instead of being a couch potato or moping around doing nothing during your spare time, think of a hobby you want to master for life. Put your precious time to better use. Get a hobby!!!


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