Making a Perfect Personal Space

“A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever“-- John Keats

You need your own personal space – a special area that reflects your personality, uniqueness, and personal tastes.

Why a personal space? To re-energize yourself, at least 10-15 minutes daily. Whether it’s a corner of a room, an entire room or a house, it should be as private as you can make it.

Your personal space is a place to relax, feel warm, listen to your favorite music, and be surrounded by your favorite things: photos of family and friends, art work, collections, books, etc. Adding a pot of fresh flowers will bring charm and outdoor aroma into your private life.

Your personal space should not only be comfortable and pleasing, but also beautiful to inspire your inner sense to bring out the best in you. Though beauty is subjective - it means different things to different people - try filling your personal space with anything and everything that pleases you. Beauty could be found in art objects, books of poetry, photos, flowers, furniture, etc. but the key is that it should appeal to your senses and make a statement about you.

You can actually transform your space into your dream world in a short amount of time, and quite affordable all on your own without a lot of skill, tools or decorating expertise.

Here a few suggestions for making your personal space perfect for you:

1. Colors – bright colors make your room look warm and cheerful. If your favorite color, like purple or black, is too strong for the room, then paint the interior of a cabinet in your favorite color.

2. Statement – your uniqueness can be shown in a statement piece. Make your statement piece bright and bold. If you’re proud of your artwork or hobby, display it as a room centerpiece. If you have a favorite armchair, adorn it with an attractive, cozy seat covering. And if you like animals, paint your furniture in zebra stripes, cheetah spots or penguin tuxedo.

3. Hiding clutter - To make your personal space inviting and spacious, use ottomans, window seats, armoires, and bookcases with enclosed compartments to hide everyday clutter.

4. Freshness – focus on bringing fresh energy into your space, whether it’s fresh air, flowers, fruits, recent photos, new books, etc.

By making your private world roomy, beautiful and personal, the quality of your life will considerably improve and you’ll feel healthier and happier.


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Hi, this entry was based on a composite of articles from magazines, citing comments from interior designers about how to make interior decorations to reflect your personal taste. I'd recommend Good House Keeping magazine and HGTV for more info.

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